An album that demands little but gives much in return, sometimes to get an understanding of what the artist is trying to create, sometimes in order to take in all of the details, sometimes because the song construction and lyrics demand it there’s a need to listen to albums several times to appreciate the ‘work’, then there are albums like this one from Brian Whelan that is immediate, familiar and instantly rewarding, the PR write-up cites Nick Lowe as a touchstone and there are certainly elements of the erstwhile Mr Lowe’s music in the mix on this album which is no bad thing. The L.A. based musician earned his stripes playing with a host of local bands (Brokedown, Broken West, Wheelhouse amongst them) and touring as part of Dwight Yoakam’s band, Decider is his debut solo outing and a fine effort it is too, listen and make up your own mind.

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