I’ll be jamming with this dude @johnnytravisjr tonight and his band of hollywood super-pickers @whiskybenthellbound - all night DJs @thedeltadawns and the show is free as always —

Back to work on my own music today at @sharktankrecording - dang, I’ve been so busy I was wondering if I’d ever get back to it! Big announcement coming soon! #newmusic #humblebrag #provibe #todaysoffice

Happy to be opening for my bud @gregfelden next Monday March 4 at @thehotelcafe at 8 pm. Greg has a brand new record out called Made of Strings; I was happy to be a small part of it and I’m looking forward to this show!

Recorded an interview with Craig Garber over at @everyonelovesguitar - it’s pretty dang unconventional as interviews go. Check it out here: elg.fun/whelan 📷 @sarah.turrell

Sunday at @harvardandstone I’ll be sitting in with my buddy @johnnytravisjr for Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound @whiskybenthellbound !! Gonna be one for the hist’ry books. Opening the night is @tarandflowers and as always on the turntables @thedeltadawns

I’m heading to this cool new festival they’re doing down in Austin with @shifty71! Maybe there will be some other bands there I can hang out with? #sxsw2019 #sxsw

On sale today - @shifty71 goes across the pond! I get notes and comments sometimes saying “come to Europe” - well, this is it folks, I’m leaving the warm cocoon of LA and headed over to the U.K. and Scandinavia for a couple weeks - London and Manchester are sold out already so get tickets now!

#sxsw #outlaw #562

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