Sunday - @grandoleecho playing ahead of @kinkyfriedmanofficial - be there!

Dude there are so many shows. Saturday @theescondite with @mamsorrow, Sunday at Joes in Burbank for Willie messaround. Shirt is super cool - check out @bennyboybrewing

#SWML - 📷 @carlpocket @spacelandla @grandoleecho @theechola

Playing with Killer Country this Sunday at @theyork5018 in highland park. Free show 8 pm- @nicoleevaemery @reauxdeaux @the_real_perry_gold

1/22/82 happy Mother’s Day!

Playing with Killer Country this Sunday @theyork5018 - special guest @reauxdeaux and @the_real_perry_gold - music is FREE, parking is amazing, it all begins at 8 pm Sunday 5/27

Working it out at @sunsetsoundrecorders

Playing this Saturday May 5 at @pappyandharriets with my close, personal friend @jimlauderdale1 - please come out to the dez and check the groovy scene!

Today at the @theechola at 8 PM - opening for @kinkyfriedmanofficial

Jonny’s in the basement mixing up the medicine I’m on the pavement thinking about the government etc etc... Happy birthday Bob!

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