Mixin’ With Brian Whelan
November 6, 2012
By Bryan Thomas

A little over two years ago, When You Awake was one of the first music blogs to rave about a talented L.A. musician named Brian Whelan. At the time, Brian was calling his new band Wheelhouse, but more recently they’ve undergone a few personnel changes and today he’s more likely to headline his gigs under the unassuming moniker, Brian Whelan Band. Since 2010, he’s also been playing with Chris Shiflett & the Dead Peasants, the Ross Flournoy-led indie band Apex Manor, Mike Stinson, Randy Weeks, Tony Gilkyson, the Parson Red Heads, Ferraby Lionheart, Correatown and at least a half-dozen others. He’s also been working as a hired gun, and playing a variety of instruments, in Dwight Yoakam’s new band, traveling around the world and playing the kinds of shows where the sideman often falls just outside the spotlight shining down on the main attraction center stage.

But now it’s Brian’s turn to shine, and his main focus is back on making and playing his own music, and we’re happy to announce that his first album has just been released. It’s called Decider, after the lead track, one that we’d discussed in our interview (interesting to note that the song and album is called this when the street date is November 6th, election day!). To help celebrate the release of Brian’s new album we’ve asked him to compile his very own Mixin’ With Mixtape, which Brian says are his “Top Ten Songs For Nite Owls & Insomniacs.” continued…

Check out the full review, and Brian’s “Top Ten Songs For Nite Owls & Insomniacs” here.