Singer’s musical versatility sets him apart from crowd
By Andrew Dansby

March 21, 2013

Brian Whelan‘s most visible gig these days is playing guitar, keys, pedal steel and accordion in Dwight Yoakam’s band, which meant he had a busy 2012 playing on and touring behind Yoakam’s excellent “3 Pears.” But Whelan’s new album, “Decider,” makes a strong case for him stepping out on his own whenever his job permits. There’s an underlying rootsiness to Whelan’s songs but he often steers them into interesting and hooky directions that reveal a deep historical affinity for thoughtful pop. He’s an expressive and versatile singer, able to touch on twang and stir in some soul. His is a sophisticated sort of power pop that nevertheless invites listeners to occasionally shake a leg. “Decider” spills forth with an energy that suggests the live show should be a corker.

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