Hey guys! My first show of 2017 is at @themintla opening for @thewalcotts - Thursday February 2 - tickets here: http://themintla.com/mobile/show.cfm?cart&id=253421


Playing tomorrow night for the @grandoleecho Winter Dance Party. Echoplex at 9 pm, Thurs Dec 15. I'm in the house band, and many fine singers will be trying their hand at some 50s rock n roll numbers. Come on down -

Nice work @jessedayton! Buy this everybody. @blueelan

Headed to Tucson to open for @dwightyoakam - @mattdfarber and I always have a great time on the open road!

Tucson to Tucumcari

This is @lukeadams88, @aaronmichaelstern and I in Las Vegas last night at @cosmopolitan_lv - this sweet band will be rocking at @thehihatla on Monday night at the @patrick.duniven holiday party. Be there!

I love the Outlaw sound!

Stockton, CA

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