Excited to be heading to Nashville, TN tomorrow. Playing the great @musiccityroots show on Wednesday night in Franklin, TN. Head over to www.musiccityroots.com for tickets

"Sugarland" out March 25th - but you can order it now from www.brianwhelanmusic.com - featuring songs cowritten by @phoebe_dweebee and @russcrane79

At the Music Box in Stockton, CA last weekend. Dope vintage PA

Thanks to @jimlauderdale1 and @musiccityroots for having me tonight- strictly new jams for the good folks to Nashville and Franklin, TN


Last night at Ham and Eggs.

Watching @warddavismusic play some great jams at 3rd and Lindsley

Made it to beautiful, chilly Nashville, TN. Making friends fast here at Mojo's - and thinking of my chain smoking LA friends (you know who you are) who would LOVE this spot

Come to me jungle friends! Happy new year to everybody, all my friends and family, and all of gods creatures great and small. See you in 2016!

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