Hired Gun to Headliner

Former Dwight Yoakam sideman Brian Whelan headlines his own show at T. Boyle’s Saturday night By Bliss 02/19/2015 Some people spend years charting their life’s direction; others shift course midway — or multiple times — through their careers. Not Brian Whelan. From the time he was in kindergarten, when he fashioned a guitar out of cardboard and […]


Singer’s musical versatility sets him apart from crowd By Andrew Dansby March 21, 2013 Brian Whelan‘s most visible gig these days is playing guitar, keys, pedal steel and accordion in Dwight Yoakam’s band, which meant he had a busy 2012 playing on and touring behind Yoakam’s excellent “3 Pears.” But Whelan’s new album, “Decider,” makes […]


From The Shamrock Connection It’s Delightful, It’s De-Lovely, It’s Decider. Wednesday, January 23, 2013 By Mikayla Khramov It’s hard folk and rock and roll. It’s that feeling you get when you’re on the road, and you roll down the windows, and you turn up the stereo. That free-spirit sensation-that’s what you get when you put in Brian […]


“Decider—Los Angeles singer-songwriter Brian Whelan’s solo debut after making a couple of records with Brokedown (a.k.a. the Broken West) and playing in Dwight Yoakam’s touring band—is classicist guitar rock with country-rock and rockabilly shadings, confidently occupying similar musical space to guys like Brendan Benson and Marshall Crenshaw. The opening title track is a muscular, hooky […]